Items would be listed for 7days, with gallery photo for better exposure, when available. 


EBay Listings with EmTech commission schedule:


Commission is based on your item's final sales price, as follows:

($19.99 minimum commission)…….we will research item for free before listing AT NO CHARGE.


25% of the first $200 [min19.99-50]
15% of the next $200.01-$500 [0-45]
10% of the remaining amount (over $500)

eBay also charges a commission if your item sells:

5.25% of the first $25, [1.32]
2.75% of the next $25.01-$1000 [0-26.81]
1.5% of the remaining amount (over $1000)

Plus a 2.9% transaction fee, if paid for through PayPal (recommended).  E-Mail directly with any more questions you may have.


EmTech will cover Your 1ST Listings fees.




Mike Emmons, the e-man

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