EmTech Computer Services

Company Snapshot (est 1990)

EmTech Services

SALES: EmTech offers a variety of services from Computer Hardware Troubleshooting and Upgrading, New PC/Notebook Solutions and Installations, and General Software sales with knowledge in a variety of Software Products.  PCs Sales, including our personal favorites "Dell, Compaq & Gateway" ranging from $800.00 to $2800.00 in price with extended warranties available.

NETWORKING: EmTech has also designed and installed several mini-office peer-to-peer network solutions.  And as a plus has extensive experience in large network applications utilizing NetWare, Windows 95, and Windows NT. 


Contacts: Michael or Mary Emmons

Phn/VM: 317 852-3637

Fax/VM: 317 852-3680

e-mail: e-man@emtech-cs.com

Authorized Reseller of:

Gateway Computers,

Palm Hand Held DevicesPalm, Inc.

HP Printers and SuppliesHewlett-Packard